[p2p-sip] BOF approval

Spencer Dawkins spencer at mcsr-labs.org
Thu Sep 28 21:17:40 EDT 2006

> I suggest we just discuss the charter during the BOF.
> We could add a presentation of draft-willis-p2psip-concepts-01 just to
> make sure we share the terminology used in the charter.
> If we can agree on the proposed chater during the BOF, we are achieving
> what we have to achieve in the coming IETF meeting.

I'm thinking that if we can spend some time making sure we agree on 
terminology, that would be time well spent.

> If we need to discuss other stuffs, we can have a separate meeting as
> another ad-hoc.

Got a proposed time? If it's the usual 11:30 til 2:00 on Friday afternoon, 
that would be OK...

> Thanks.
> Eunsoo 

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