[p2p-sip] BOF approval

Eunsoo Shim eunsoo at research.panasonic.com
Thu Sep 28 20:57:09 EDT 2006

I suggest we just discuss the charter during the BOF.
We could add a presentation of draft-willis-p2psip-concepts-01 just to
make sure we share the terminology used in the charter.
If we can agree on the proposed chater during the BOF, we are achieving
what we have to achieve in the coming IETF meeting.

If we need to discuss other stuffs, we can have a separate meeting as
another ad-hoc.


Brian Rosen wrote:

>And we need agenda items.  If you want agenda time, ask now.
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>>Since more than one person has asked me in the last day or so, and I
>>guess were a bit confused because the email Cullen sent out a few days
>>ago (21st) said "will be approved" but there was nothing else
>>later...the BOF has been approved.
>>Just an FYI.
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