[p2p-sip] Revised Draft Charter for P2PSIP

Enrico Marocco enrico.marocco at telecomitalia.it
Fri Sep 22 03:26:03 EDT 2006

Philip Matthews wrote:
>> 2. A proposed standard defining a P2PSIP Overlay Peer Protocol. This
>> protocol is used between P2PSIP overlay peers, some of which may be
>> behind NATs.
> Earlier versions of the charter had the word "many" in place of  "some"
> in a roughly corresponding place. I would prefer to see the word changed
> to "most", or if there is strong disagreement on this, at least changed
> back to "many".

If it was a requirement someone else had to satisfy, "many" would work.
 However, since *we* will have to deal with it and since we all agree
that we have to support as many natted peers as we can, "some" is ok.  A
stricter requirement here would just have the side effect of increasing
the probability of a failure.


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