[p2p-sip] Revised Draft Charter for P2PSIP

Spencer Dawkins spencer at mcsr-labs.org
Thu Sep 21 14:14:25 EDT 2006

Hi, David,

>> > The following topics are excluded from the Working Group's scope:
>> > [..]
>> > 4. Multicast and dynamic DNS based approaches for locating
>> > users and resources.
>> This does not preclude some solutions for problems that are actually in
>> scope (e.g. bootstrap, interworking) from using multicast and dynamic
>> DNS, does it?
> Nope. I don't think anyone is trying to preclude those from being
> mechanisms for bootstrap or interworking, but rather as the underlying
> resource location mechanism. I thought I captured that by saying
> "locating users and resources", but I maybe not. Others think this is
> too vauge?

I confess that I seem to have read this text the same way Enrico did. It 
SHOULD have been clearer than it was. If we all have the same understanding, 
the text could be OK.



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