[p2p-sip] Revised Draft Charter for P2PSIP

Enrico Marocco enrico.marocco at telecomitalia.it
Thu Sep 21 08:36:11 EDT 2006

Hi Dean,

thank you for a very good job!  I have just a few comments.

> 4. An architecture document. This document will address how the  
> protocols
> defined above, along with existing IETF protocols, can be used to  
> produce
> systems to locate a user, identify appropriate resources to facilitate
> communications (for example media relays), and establish communications
> between the users, without relying on centralized servers.

Some architectural assumptions -- mainly the client/peer distinction --
are at the very base of the work.  I understand (do I?) that here
"architecture" means something different or at least more complex, but
maybe it could be misinterpreted.  I think that if we don't change the
wording, we'll have to deal many and many times with the objection "Hey,
you are going to work on a protocol before deciding how to use it in
real life".

Just off the top of my head, instead of current #4, if I've actually
understood what it means, I'd prefer something like:
4'. A document defining some additional resources which can be
registered in overlays and used to facilitate communications (e.g. media
5'. A document addressing how communications can happen between users
registered in different overlays and/or canonical SIP networks.

> The following topics are excluded from the Working Group's scope:
> [..]
> 4. Multicast and dynamic DNS based approaches for locating
> users and resources.

This does not preclude some solutions for problems that are actually in
scope (e.g. bootstrap, interworking) from using multicast and dynamic
DNS, does it?

> References
>   [1] D. Bryan, E. Shim, B. B. Lowekamp, "Use Cases for Peer-to-Peer
> Session Initiation Protocol (P2PSIP)",
> draft-bryan-sipping-p2p-usecases-00.txt, November 29, 2005
> [2] D. Willis, D. Bryan, P. Matthews, E. Shim, "Concepts and
> Terminology for Peer to Peer SIP," draft-willis-p2psip-concepts-01.txt
> (work-in-progress), August 18, 2006

Just an editorial note: all the charters I've read have references to
drafts directly inline.  I don't know if it is better to have a
traditional "Reference" section, but, since the charter is likely to be
long-living and drafts will be certainly updated, maybe it is at least
worth stripping the version number from the name.



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        Thank you



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