[p2p-sip] Not able to get OK response for INVITE request

softgear softgear at dcn.ssu.ac.kr
Mon Sep 18 20:43:53 EDT 2006


Both of two attached files are same to each other. 
You got "503 Service Unavailable.". The cause 42 in that response means
following (from Q.850) "Cause No. 42 - Switching equipment congestion This
cause indicates that the switching equipment generating this cause is
experiencing a period of high traffic."
You may try again later or there is another reason (NAT is also possible

Seokkap Ko.

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I am registered to one VoIP server.

In the first log, named,
"arcor.outgoing.on.landline.from.xpro.selected.cap", I am successfully
registered to the Server and am able to make outgoing call to a PSTN no.

In the second log, named,
"arcor.outgoing.on.landline.from.device.selected.cap", though I am
successfully registered, I am not able to make an outgoing call to a PSTN

I tried to analyze the logs but was not able to figure out why I am not
getting the 200 OK in the response of my INVITE request.

Any lead will be appreciated. Please help.

Regards and anticipation,

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