[p2p-sip] Questions on draft-marocco-p2psip-interwork-00

Spencer Dawkins spencer at mcsr-labs.org
Fri Sep 8 00:07:46 EDT 2006

Hi, Enrico and David,

It's probably premature to discuss this draft in detail, but I did have some 
questions as I read it, and asking now might help you prepare for the next 

The draft calls out I-D.willis-p2psip-concepts specifically, but the 
Introduction says

   This document describes how user agents registered in P2PSIP overlay
   networks [I-D.willis-p2psip-concepts] can interwork with those in
   conventional SIP networks [RFC3261].  In particular, no assumption is
   made about the overlay but that it allows clients to insert and
   retrieve routing information, possibly bound to URIs [RFC3986].

Does "clients" mean "clients" in the I-D.willis-p2psip-concepts sense, or in 
some other sense?

I really like the "P2PSIP Proxy Peers" term and description. You may have 
noticed some musing in my notes on I-D.willis-p2psip-concepts about a P2PSIP 
Overlay Server - I think this is pretty close to what I was thinking of. The 
direction of "proxying" is reversed, I think, but this might be 
symmetrical... Is it possible that the same concept might also work for the 
P2PSIP clients described in I-D.willis-p2psip-concepts?

The Security Considerations section correctly describes the tension between 
"too easy to insert into DNS" and "too difficult to insert into DNS" - but 
that's awfully late in the draft to bring this up. Although 
security-related, it's pretty fundamental to what we're trying to do, I 

I'll stop here for now - but thanks for starting this work.


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